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Connect AEM and Translation Processes

Adobe Experience Manager is a popular content management system that allows customers to create reusable content across multiple digital channels. This way they can create consistent experiences faster. Do you not only work with different channels but also in multiple countries? Extend your efficient workflow with an AEM package to automate the translation process.

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Benefits of AEM Integration

We integrate Adobe Experience Manager and translation processes for smooth multi-language publishing

Your multilingual content has never gone live on various channels so quickly. Once the package is installed, you can request translations directly in AEM and spend less time on administrative tasks.

  • Automate sending and receiving content and translations
  • Avoid errors caused by unclear communication or copying and pasting
  • Quickly scale to as many languages as you want
Adobe Experience Manager artist impression
Adobe Experience Manager artists impression

Combine Automation and Quality

We automate processes, but always use the best professionals to translate your content

The AEM integration provides a smooth, automated translation workflow, but we always handle your content with the utmost care. We engage translators with the right knowledge and experience. We give them access to a translation memory and terminology database so they can create a consistent brand experience in the target language. Thanks to a visual editor, the translators see exactly how and where your original content is used. Finally, we revise your material thoroughly before publication.

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Our Translators

Whether you have a small online store that sells a modest amount of products or a gigantic webshop with many pages that need to be updated frequently, our translators know what to do! We only work with native speakers in the language you need. With their years of experience and sharp eye for details, they ensure that your content reaches the target group you want to reach.

A Permanent Point of Contact

Our project managers are always available to answer questions about your translation project. Good communication produces the best results. Whether you have special wishes for your translation or just want to know how your project is going, they are always there for you.

  • Personal contact
  • On time, as agreed
  • Match between translator and project
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Targeted AEM Content

With a strong online presence you can achieve your business goals. With our help you can reach them worldwide. Are you creating best-in-class customer experiences with AEM? And do you want that web content to have the same impact in other countries? In that case you should look for translations that are specifically tailored to the new target group and language.

  • Conversion of units of measurement
  • Currency conversion
  • Advice on use of colour, symbols and humour in a different culture

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With Adobe Experience Manager we automate your translation process. Your translated texts will be in the right place at once and, if desired, in multiple languages. Get your instant online quote now!

Translations to and From Any Language

We work with experienced native speakers from all over the world. Not only do they know their specific field inside and out, they are also aware of all the nuances and sensitivities of their own language and culture. Thanks to them we can help you in almost all language combinations.

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Fully Automatic

Automate even more with machine translations for content that doesn't require much creativity. For content that does not directly influence your marketing goals, such as help pages or frequently asked questions, we save even more time with machine translation. A language professional always ensures that the quality is in order.

  • Ideal for large amounts of text
  • Guaranteed post-editing
  • Optimized source texts

Quality Assurance

Of course, all of our translations are provided by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language, but there is always room for improvement! That's why we rely on our experienced reviewers who have a comprehensive set of QA tools to check translations. This way you are assured of the very best end result.

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Our ISO Certificates

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ISO 17100:2015

Translation services

Requirements for translation services

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ISO 18587:2017

Translation services

Post-editing of machine translation

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