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Specialist Technical Translation Agency

Professional knowledge and expertise are important for all technical translations. This way you can rest assured that your product can be used safely and correctly in other countries. Our technical translators can help you with all types of documents and languages.

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A Permanent Point of Contact

Our project managers are always available to answer questions about your translation project. Good communication produces the best results. Whether you have special wishes for your technical translation or just want to know how your project is going, they are always there for you.

  • On time, as agreed
  • Match between translator and project
  • Personal contact
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Focus on Your Target Group

To appeal to customers abroad, you must offer locally relevant technical content. This goes beyond just having your text translated. You will also have to think about, for example, colours, which evoke very different associations in a different culture, and calls to action (CTAs). Adapting these style elements to the culture of your target group is what we call localisation.

  • Conversion of units of measurement
  • Currency conversion
  • Advice on use of colour, symbols and humor in a different culture
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Customised Technical Translations

As a technical translation agency, we work on translation projects for large and small clients. We provide technical translations for large multinationals but also smaller players in the technical sector. We choose the right translator with the required expertise for each customer.

High-Quality Translation Technology

With software that we constantly update, we deliver customised technical translations smoothly and quickly. Each of our technical customers receives their own translation memory and terminology list that becomes more complete with each translation. This way we deliver consistent work and continue to build your tone of voice.

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Our ISO Certificates

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Post-editing of machine translation

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Quality Assurance

Of course, all of our technical translations are provided by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. But there is always room for improvement! That's why we rely on our experienced reviewers who have a comprehensive set of QA tools to check technical translations. This way you are assured of the very best end result.

  • Native speakers
  • Experienced reviewers
  • QA tools for technical texts

Machine Translation of Technical Texts

For large amounts of text or repetitive technical texts, we use AI-based translation technology, or 'machine translation'. This way your projects will be ready much faster. We subsequently have every machine translation checked by an experienced post-editor to ensure quality. We can also optimise your source texts in advance for our translation tools. This way your translation will be ready even faster!

  • Ideal for technical texts
  • Guaranteed post-editing
  • Optimised source texts
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Our Technical Translators

Our technical translators are skilled in a wide variety of technical fields. They translate for various parties: from technical manufacturers and large construction companies to software developers and application developers.

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Translate Technical English

Whether it concerns technical English translations or technical translations from Italian to Dutch: everything is possible at Scriptware Translations. We translate from and into the following languages:

Related Translation Services

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Technical Specialists

Our translators are specialised in their field and know exactly how to approach a technical translation. Carefully, accurately and clear.

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Code Knowhow

We work with translators who have knowledge of applications, software and code. They can effortlessly help you with any IT-related translation.

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Reliable and Precise

Every bolt in a rack and every bracket in a code must be in the right place. We think it is just as important that every letter of your technical translation ends up in the right place.

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