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The life sciences industry is expansive and ever-evolving. Whether it’s documentation for clinical trials, the latest medtech developments or a new toothpaste: you need accurate translations to safely and efficiently broaden the reach of your research and products. We have experience in a variety of areas and are proud to contribute to innovations, large and small, that improve human lives.

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Project management

Translations for the life sciences sector have unique requirements and present translators with particular challenges. Our team of dedicated project managers know exactly which project fits within which translator's skillset. They will entrust your life sciences project with experienced medical translators who understand the complexities of your industry.

  • Personal contact
  • On time, as agreed
  • Perfect match between translator and project
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Life Science Localized

To comply with local laws and regulations, you need more than translation alone. When you’re expanding beyond your home country, you’ll be dealing with different units of measurement, date and address formats and regulatory standards. We help you overcome these hurdles to succeed in the global marketplace.

  • Conversion of units of measurement
  • Localisation of medical data
  • Expert advice on differences in regulation
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Life Science Translation for Allucent

Case Study

Contract research organization Allucent offers services for design, management and completion of oncology trials. To support clients and patients worldwide, we help them translate documents with different types of content and audiences throughout the trial process.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner

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When you’re in the market for life science translations, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you need. What’s the scale of your project, which text types are you offering and who are they meant for? Answering these questions can help you find the right language partner.

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All-round Life Science Translation

Are you looking for a reliable translation partner for your life science project?

Scriptware Translations works with a worldwide network of language professionals who are specialised in life sciences. Benefit from our years of experience in your sector and entrust your long- or short-term project with us.

Life science translations into every language

For life science translations we work with an expert inhouse team of translators and a network of specialised freelancers that spans the globe. We can help you with translations for all widely spoken languages and most minor languages. Feel free to contact us if the language you're looking for isn't listed on our website.

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Translation services

Post-editing of machine translation

Commitment to Quality

When translation errors could, in the worst-case scenario, cost lives, you need a trusted partner to ensure accuracy and compliance. In an industry as highly regulated as the medical industry, terminology management and quality control are of the utmost importance. We only work with experienced medical linguists to bring your work to new markets.

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