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Legal Translation Agency With an Eye for Detail

Is your company active internationally or do you have ambitious plans in that direction? If so, it is very important that you take good care of the legal side of things. Whether it concerns a patent application, a contract or a service agreement, we ensure an accurate translation of all your legal documents. Our legal translators have years of experience in their field and regularly attend additional training courses. Of course, Scriptware Translations handles your sensitive texts safely and discreetly.

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A Permanent Point of Contact

Our project managers are always available for questions about your translation project. After all, good communication produces the best results. Whether you have special requirements for your legal translation or just want to know how your project is progressing, they are always at your disposal.

  • Personal contact
  • On time, as agreed
  • Match between translator and project
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Focus on Your Target Group

To appeal to customers abroad, you must offer locally relevant content. This goes beyond just having your text translated. You will also have to think about, for example, colours, which evoke very different associations in a different culture, and calls to action (CTAs). Adapting these style elements to the culture of your target group is what we call localisation.

  • Adaptation to legal system of target culture
  • Currency conversion
  • Advice on use of colour and symbols in a different culture

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Legal Translation for Google

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Making information accessible. It is one of the guiding principles in everything Google does. Offering users clear documentation in their own language is also part of this. This is where Scriptware comes into play. We provide high-quality legal translations of challenging texts such as policy documents and general terms and conditions for Google.

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Choosing the Right Translation Partner


Do you regularly need legal translations and are you looking for a reliable supplier with a workflow that suits your company? In this whitepaper we explain what types of translation service providers there are and how you can choose a suitable provider and workflow based on various variables (such as your target group, your budget, the volume and frequency of projects).

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Our ISO Certificates

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ISO 17100:2015

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ISO 18587:2017

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Post-editing of machine translation

Legal Translations: From and to Any Language

Many different language combinations are possible. As a legal translation agency, we can translate from and to the following languages:

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Our Legal Translators

Our translators have a legal background, so they know very well what they are talking about. We ensure that your text ends up with the right legal translator, with a view to the best result. They will then work on your text and deliver a professional translation.

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Solid Quality Assurance

Of course, all our translations are provided by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language, but there is always room for improvement! That's why we rely on our experienced reviewers who have a comprehensive set of QA tools to check translations. This way you are assured of the very best end result.

  • Native speakers
  • Experienced reviewers
  • QA tools

Fast Legal Translations

Do you have a limited budget? An unattainable deadline? Or is it a lot of words? Then choose automatic translation of your legal documents. Maybe you have to hand in a huge amount of documents for a tender in a week. Or perhaps a new customer demands that the translated contract – 30 pages – is ready by tomorrow. In such cases, automatic translation followed by post-editing can provide a solution. Do you just want a rough idea of the contents of a document? Then automatic translation alone is sometimes enough.

  • Extra-fast legal translation
  • Guaranteed post-editing
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Our translators handle legal translations very accurately. It is important that each letter is in the right place so that no misunderstandings can arise.

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Correct Match

We work for various parties, from law firms to large international companies. We always look for the best match of legal translator with assignment.

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Our legal translators stay informed of developments in the industry. They have experience with criminal law, employment law, contract law and tax law.

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Discretion Is Paramount When It Comes to Legal Translations

Legal documents are usually confidential. You don't want them to fall into the wrong hands. As a legal translation agency, we are bound by strict confidentiality requirements. We treat all data you send us with complete discretion. We even get fined if we don't. You can rest assured that we will not pass on your legal documents to third parties.

Legal Translation Requires a Special Set of Skills

As a legal translator you need more than just language skills. In addition, you master the legal jargon of both the source and the target language down to the last detail and you know exactly how the foreign legal system works. This is often varies greatly per country. Of course you also work extremely accurately.

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