Our Approach

From source text to happy customer: this is how we work

How Do We Proceed With a Translation?

To translate your text as best as possible to your specific wishes, we go through a total of six steps.

Send Your Text

First you apply online. If possible, please send the text immediately so that we can analyse the length and type of text. Tell us all your translation needs: so we know immediately how we can best help you.

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Quotation and Payment

We then ask you for as much information as possible about the field, the target group and the tone. We will then send you a quote, after which we will arrange the payment. This way we can get started for you straight away.

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Find a Match

We choose the translator from our team of translators that best suits your text: this translator masters the language combination like no other, has the right specialized knowledge and chooses a matching tone.

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Our translator will work for you and create the most accurate translation possible for you. The translator takes all your wishes, the target group and the destination of your translation into account. Every detail counts.

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If you have chosen this, the translation will be checked again by another translator after the translation step. This extra check ensures that your translation is of the highest possible quality.

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Provide Translation

Once the translator and reviewer are ready, we deliver the translated text to you in the agreed format. We are always on time: if you're lucky, even earlier. We will always help you as quickly as possible.

Upload Your Files and Receive the Quote in Your Mailbox in No Time

We immediately analyze your document so we can help you in the most targeted way possible.