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Official Translation by Sworn Translator

Do you want to translate an agreement, certificate, migration document or court document? Then there is a good chance that you'll need a sworn translation. A sworn translation has the same legal value as the original, which means it can also be recognized in another country.

Upload Your Documents and Receive a Quote Starting at €60 per Page

Please note: Depending on your deadline, the language combination and the complexity of the text, a surcharge may apply.

Sworn Translation Into All Languages

Whether you want to translate documents from Dutch to one of the languages mentioned below, or vice versa, we are ready to help you. Please note that the source or target language must always be Dutch.

Sworn Translation as a Matter of Urgency

We understand that some situations require a quick response! If you need your certified translation urgently, you can simply indicate this in your request. We ensure that your urgent order is treated with the highest priority. Urgent order are delivered within 1 to 3 working days. A surcharge of 25% per page applies.

  • 1 - 3 working days
  • 25% extra per page
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Rates Based on Complexity

We aim to maintain our standard rate of 60 euros per page, as we agreed with you. However, some documents take more time, for example because they contain handwritten paragraphs or complex medical terminology. In such cases a small surcharge may apply. View the specific amounts and percentages below.

Standard - No Extra Costs

Clear and simple texts, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas and other official documents. These documents often contain standardized information and no complicated terminology or legal jargon.

Medium - 15% Extra per Page

Legal documents such as court decisions, notarial deeds, patent decisions and complex contracts. These documents often contain specific legal terminology, formal language, and references to laws and regulations.

Complex - 40% Extra per Page

Technical manuals, scientific research reports, medical records and financial documents. These documents contain specialized terminology and jargon that require specific knowledge and expertise in both the source and target languages.

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Your Certified Translation Delivered Quickly

Enjoy the convenience of our certified translation service, delivered with care and professionalism! Your translations will be delivered as a scan and by post. In most cases we use PostNL for fast delivery within the Netherlands. If our translators are outside the Netherlands, we use local postal services. Please note that delivery of the original document may take slightly longer in this case. We charge a one-off fee of €5 per project to send your certified translation.

Sworn Translator: A Profession in Itself

Sworn translation is a protected profession. This does not apply to 'normal' translation. A sworn translator takes an oath in court and is then allowed to translate official documents. For certain documents you are even obliged to hire a sworn translator.

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A Permanent Point of Contact

Our project managers are always available to answer questions about your translation project. Good communication produces the best results. Whether you have special wishes for your translation or just want to know how your project is going, they are always there for you.

  • Personal contact
  • On time, as agreed
  • Match between translator and project

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