German Technical Translation for Schüco

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“Together we built a successful and long-lasting business relationship, based on efficiency, consistency, dedication and the quality of our German technical translations.”

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About Schüco

German construction giant Schüco is one of the leading suppliers of window, door and façade systems. Their products are used all over the world and conform to the highest standards of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency. The same high standards extend to the daily requested technical translations of documentation from German to a variety of other languages.

Hit the nail on the head with technical translations by Scriptware!

Schüco’s products need to fulfill the highest quality requirements. This also applies to their translations. Work with Scriptware Translations as your translation partner, like Schüco did.

Schüco’s Request

Schüco was in need of a closely located and loyal language partner to handle daily technical translations from German into various European languages. It is important that their translation requests are accepted promptly to ensure fast turnaround times and that their language partner works in their custom translation tool (Across), which has a direct link to their own content management system. To guarantee the best quality and consistency of their technical translations, Schüco also expressed the wish to use a fixed translation team that knows their company and content.

Our Solution

To ensure the fastest response times, we made a technical and financial connection between our project management system, Plunet, and the translation tool Schüco themselves invested in. This clean connection between our systems allows for a seamless workflow in which the accumulated translation database is used to its maximum potential. We assure the constant quality of our technical translations by handpicking and training a fixed translation team especially for Schüco.

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