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Expanding the Reach of Your Solutions

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App Translation Services to Go Global

Whether you are a software provider or an app developer, expanding your reach is crucial for success. What better way to do so, than by having your app or software translation provided by a partner that cares as much as you do? Tap into new markets, communicate with people in their own language and see your profits soar. And best of all: we always strive to not just respond to your questions, but to anticipate your needs.

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Project Management

Our project managers are always at your disposal for queries about your translation project. In our experience, communication is key to achieving the best result. Whether you have questions about your app or software translation or just want to have a heads-up on your project, they are always available.

  • Personal contact
  • On schedule, as agreed
  • Perfect match between translator and project
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Embrace the Local, Globally

Whatever your product, localize it to make it go global. App localization or software localization truly tailors your product to a new market. Whether you work with measurement units, context-based marketing or culture-sensitive content, sometimes you just need that local touch. We’ve got your back: your audience won’t even know they are reading a translation.

  • Conversion of measuring units
  • Currency-conversion
  • Advice on use of colour, symbols and humor in another culture
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HubSpot App

Case Study

Find out how we help online marketing platform HubSpot with a range of services. Not only do we supply localization support for their online platform, we also perform app translation and app testing, for both iOS and Android. Because language matters, especially in marketing.

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Our Translators

When you choose to work with a translation agency, you can be sure of the quality and accuracy of your translation. You can rely on the years of experience that translators have with all kinds of documents and sectors. All of our translators have proven their professional merits with us for many years.

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Translating apps and software into all languages

We work with experienced native speakers from around the globe. Not only do they know their field of expertise through and through, they are also acutely aware of all nuances and sensibilities in their own language and culture. Thanks to them, we can help you in all language combinations.

Translating your app or software for users in another country? No problem!

When your app or software becomes successful, the most logical next step is to release it abroad. We can help you achieve this and know exactly how your project reaches its intended target group. Get an instant online quote now!

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Post-editing of machine translation

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Machine Translation Solutions

Our machine translation solutions could be just what you need to get your meaning across. For large volumes of text, machine-based translation offers great benefits. Our automated translation services can give your users exactly what they need to move forward. When coupled with human post-editing, you will profit from both high-quality translation and major time and cost benefits.

  • Ideal for large amounts of text
  • Post-editing always included
  • Optimisation of source text

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Optimizing Your Source Files

A little goes a long way: sometimes minor tweaks in the source can lead to major savings for your app translation. Your app or software might contain a lot of very similar text strings. This can be to account for variables or product variants or because your database just hasn’t been cleaned up in a while. In this case, optimizing the source can ensure you don’t pay more than you should!

  • Removal of inconsistencies
  • Writing style improvement
  • Ideal for machine translations of large projects
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