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Accurate Translations of Your Documents

Every text comes in the form of a document, and we can help you with any document! We translate all types of documents: from Word, PDF, InDesign and HTML to Excel. Take the layout into account? Translate official documents? No problem. Read more about document translation or request a price immediately.

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A Permanent Point of Contact

Our project managers are always available to answer questions about your translation project. Good communication produces the best results. Whether you have special wishes for your translation or just want to know how your project is going, they are always there for you.

  • Personal contact
  • On time, as agreed
  • Match between translator and project
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Consistent Translations

Our terminology services take your translation to the next level. Every sector has its own jargon and every company has its own terminology. Part of our working method is that we compile your own terminology database for you. This is how we work on your specific tone of voice and help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

  • Your tone of voice
  • Industry-specific jargon
  • Personal terminoloy database

Upload Your Document and Receive a Customised Quote Directly in Your Mailbox

Our versatile translators from all over the world know how to handle your document translation. Together with our project managers, they ensure that you receive your document translation as quickly as possible.

Document Translation Related Translation Services

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Translate PDF Document

PDF translation is very popular. A scan must first be converted with OCR. Isn't it a scan? By sending the original file we can better preserve the formatting and the translation process will be faster.

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Translate an Excel Document

When translating Excel files, the formatting is completely preserved. Do you not want to have a row, column or tab translated? Then hide it in the document and save it - our analysis will automatically exclude the hidden texts.

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Translate a Word Document

Many documents to be translated are delivered in Word. Translating in Word is a pleasant choice for us: we can immediately adjust the text and the formatting is retained in most cases.

Translate Your Document to and From Any Language

We work with experienced native speakers from all over the world. Not only do they know their specific field inside and out, they are also aware of all the nuances and sensitivities of their own language and culture. Thanks to them we can help you in almost all language combinations.

InDesign Concept

InDesign Document Translation

We have a translation workflow that allows us to easily export your texts from an InDesign file and put the translations back in. That saves a lot of time wasted on copying and pasting!

Choosing the Right Translation Partner

White Paper

It's good to know which translation services you need. Of course, a professional translation agency will support you in this, but good preparation in this area is always important. Read this whitepaper to find out what options are available so you get exactly what you want.

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Machine Translation

For large amounts of text or repetitive texts, we use AI-based translation technology, or 'machine translation'. This way your projects will be ready much faster. We subsequently have every machine translation checked by an experienced post-editor to ensure quality. We can also optimize your source texts in advance for our translation tools. This way your translation will be ready even faster!

  • Ideal for large amounts of text
  • Guaranteed post-editing
  • Optimized source texts
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Quality Assurance

Of course, all our translations are provided by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language, but there is always room for improvement! That's why we rely on our experienced reviewers who have a comprehensive set of QA tools to check translations. This way you are assured of the very best end result.

  • Native speakers
  • Experienced reviewers
  • QA tools

Our ISO Certificates

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ISO 17100:2015

Translation services

Requirements for translation services

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ISO 18587:2017

Translation services

Post-editing of machine translation

Customization for Every Industry

Every industry has its own linguistic challenges, but that is no problem for our translators, project managers and reviewers! Over the past 25 years, our translation agency has built expert teams for various industries, such as automotive, medical, financial, technical, legal, web development, software development and e-commerce. Our translators not only speak a second language, but also the language of your industry.

  • 25 years of experience
  • Specialized teams
  • Every industry
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Focus on Your Target Group

To appeal to customers abroad, you must offer locally relevant content. This goes beyond just having your text translated. You will also have to think about, for example, colours, which evoke very different associations in a different culture, and calls to action (CTAs). Adapting these style elements to the culture of your target group is what we call localization.

  • Conversion of clothing and shoe sizes
  • Currency conversion
  • Advice on use of colour, symbols and humour in a different culture
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Our Translators

When you choose a translation agency, you can be sure of the quality and accuracy of your translation. This is because you can be sure that the translators have experience with many different types of documents and subject areas, as they have proven themselves with us for many years.

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