Effective Use of Machine Translation to Improve Your Business

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Entering Global Markets with Machine Translation

There is a long-running debate about human versus machine translation, with people citing highly visible, sometimes hilarious errors to warn against automated translation. But MT quality is continually improving. So instead, we focus on when it is beneficial to use this translation service.

In this white paper:

  • What to expect – and not expect – from MT. Being aware of its limitations and possibilities will help you gain insight in MT and decide if it is something your company can benefit from.
  • A breakdown of your business materials based on the customer journey. Each phase comes with its own types of content. Learn which are best suited for MT and which definitely require a human touch.
  • Tips for choosing the right MT provider or service. Don’t let all those options overwhelm you. We can help you set up an end-to-end workflow with a combination of translation strategies to ensure lasting success.

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