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We recently had a german technical manual translated into english and croatian. Croatian I cannot check so I assume it is good. The english one was incredibly disappointing, way too simply translated, it looks like a google translate translation. Another day was spent by ourselves to make all the corrections, this was fed back but they were not impressed. Bad business.

Dear Sir, We have delivered the revised English translation, after the first draft, to your satisfaction: “The translator has noted that there are mostly style issues and word choices that may not fall right. Personally, I think a translation of a technical document should be done by a native-speaking techie. Probably those are not available, so sand on it”. We are always available for adaptations and revisions and thus this is fulfilled. Translations are provided by native speakers in the respective target language and in the vast majority of cases also by specialists in the subject matter. We hope to have informed you sufficiently and look forward to continuing our cooperation in the field of translations.


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