Translation BEAR app from English to Turkish for Karakter Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie

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In app translation from English to Turkish, we pay attention to several crucial aspects. We ensure that the user interface and terminology are accurately translated while respecting the cultural nuances and usage patterns of Turkish users. Our translators pay attention to consistency in terminology to ensure a uniform user experience. In addition, we test the translation within the app to ensure that all text is rendered correctly and functions well within the app's technical constraints. In this way, we deliver a translation that is both functional and accessible to Turkish users.

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The contact with Scriptware is fast and pleasant and they work quickly. I can't judge the (machine) translation because it's in a language I don't speak myself. I did see some minor sloppiness such as extra spaces and enters etc.

Dear AJ,

Thank you very much for your written review! We appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear that you are generally satisfied with our service. We apologize that some things slipped through quality control. As a Turkish translation agency, we take your comments seriously and will improve our processes to avoid this in the future. Should you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Team Scriptware

Karakter Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie

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