When do you need a sworn translation?

When do you need a sworn translation?


Of course, you've heard of the term 'certified translation' or 'sworn translation'. But what exactly is it and when do you need such a translation? In this blog article, we'll tell you more about it.

We swear to deliver you an error-free certified translation

Sworn translations are needed for the most essential documents. Therefore, there should be absolutely no errors in them. At Scriptware Translations, we guarantee flawless sworn translations. Request a no-obligation quote now.

Sworn translation

A certified translation is a translation made by a sworn translator that meets certain formal requirements. For example, the translator must attach the translation to the original, sign it, stamp it and provide it with a dated statement. In that statement, the translator states that the translation is "a faithful reproduction in language X of the attached text in language Y. The statement also contains the translator's name and usually his or her registration number in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators. Entry in the register is mandatory for all active sworn translators.

Do I always need a certified translation?

If you have a text translated, in many cases you can do just fine without a certified translation. An 'normal' translation is then sufficient. Think of the translation of your website, your catalogue, business correspondence, etc. But when should you have a certified translation made? In short: when the body for which the translation is intended explicitly requests it.

Translations for government agencies

If you are going to marry someone from another country, emigrate or remigrate to the Netherlands, or buy or sell property across the border, you will have to submit certain foreign documents to, for example, the municipality, the court or the tax authorities. Think of a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, notarial documents, a purchase contract, etc. You will then always need certified translations. Sworn translations of certain documents are also common in the financial and insurance sector.

Sworn translation for foreign countries

But now suppose you move to Poland (or any other country). Then the local authorities will definitely want to see some documents from you. And in that case, too, you usually have to come up with a certified translation. Fortunately, you can usually have this done by a Dutch certified translator. An extra step is required: the court where the translator is sworn in must provide the translation with an apostille. This is a declaration stating that the translator is indeed a sworn translator. You can arrange an apostille yourself in ten minutes at the court desk, or you can ask the translator to do it. A sworn translation plus apostille is accepted in many countries.

Certified translation agency Scriptware Translations

In the law, you will search in vain for the term "sworn translation agency. Only individuals can be certified. Yet we at Scriptware Translations do feel that we are a sworn translation agency. We work with a large group of dedicated sworn translators - we even have some on permanent staff - and deliver sworn translations in virtually every language combination. Thanks to our long experience in this field, we can also advise you perfectly. Feel free to contact us. We are at your service!

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