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More Content Thanks to Machine Translation

The demand for relevant content continues to increase. One way to meet this is to use machine translation. If you intelligently incorporate machine translation into your content strategy, you can still offer users high-quality texts quickly and at lower costs. By using advanced translation technology based on AI, we also ensure that your machine translations continue to improve.

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Optimised Source Texts

An optimised source text is the foundation for a good machine translation. Therefore, we advise you to have your material analysed by us before translation. If we see opportunities for optimisation and implement them, the overall costs will be lower and the end result will be of higher quality. Source text optimisation is especially interesting if you want to translate your texts into multiple languages.

  • Removing inconsistencies
  • Improving writing style
  • Ideal for machine translation of large projects
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Effective Use of Machine Translation to Improve Your Business

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Would you like to know more about machine translation (a.k.a. computer translation or automatic translation) and what it can mean for your company? Download our whitepaper to find out more. We discuss various types of text that companies often have translated and offer tips on how you can maximise your ROI with a sophisticated translation strategy.

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Choosing the Right Translation Process for Your Business

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Can you see the benefits of machine translation, but are you not sure if it is right for your company? Read this whitepaper in which we compare the pros and cons of different translation options. We also give you tips for setting up a smooth workflow and ensure optimal quality.

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For Which Text Types Is Machine Translation a Solution?

Have Your Translation Project Automatically Translated Quickly and Reliably!

For large translation projects, a machine translation can save you a lot of time, as long as it is reviewed afterwards by an experienced post-editor. Our language experts are ready to help you! Request a non-binding quote now.

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Post-editing of machine translation

Machine Translation From and into All Languages

For your machine translation, we can help you with almost all languages. Almost, because more than 6,000 are spoken worldwide.

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Machine Translation for Google

Case Study

Everyone uses Google Translate sometimes. It will therefore not surprise you that Google also uses advanced technology for its own translation projects. By combining this technology with state-of-the-art tools and the expertise of our translators, we can deliver high volumes and excellent quality to Google.

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Human Post Editing

Although we can already do a lot with translation technology, all of our machine translations are subsequently checked by experienced post-editors. A human eye still sees more than a translation machine. This way you can be sure that there will be no strange errors or overlooked, untranslated words in your translation.

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