What translation services are available for the medical industry?

What translation services are available for the medical industry?


The stakes are always high in the medical world. Medical translations must therefore meet the very highest standards and cannot be performed by just any translator. For good results, look for a translation agency that specializes in medical translation. This way you can be sure that you will get accurate texts that are substantively correct and easy to read for your specific target audience. Read more below about what to expect from an expert medical translation agency.

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Medical translation with a customized approach

Not every medical translation is the same and therefore there is no one set approach to a medical translation. Within the medical industry we can distinguish all kinds of fields, from dentistry to veterinary medicine, which need translations. And that includes different text types and target audiences. In a research publication you might encounter a lot of specialized terminology, whereas for patient information a clear explanation is very important. So the approach may differ, but with a good medical translation agency you can in any case count on confidentiality and thorough quality control.

Medical translations by subject matter experts

A translator must understand what the text is about, otherwise he cannot make a good translation of it. This of course applies to every text and every translation, but certainly to medical texts. There is no room for error. Quality is of vital importance. Literally. For medical translations, it is therefore important to use translators who have experience with medical texts and themselves have a medical background or knowledge of the specific subject. A translator who has been translating descriptions of dental instruments for years will not necessarily be able to handle instructions for inserting a pacemaker. Also, revision by an experienced medical translator should not be missed.

Sworn medical translations

Sometimes you need a sworn medical translation, for example if you need to share medical documents with a hospital, municipality or school. A certified translation is performed by a translator who is registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators. The translation is stamped and signed by the translator and is officially recognized as a reliable representation of the original text.

Back translations

Back translation (often called back translation) is a way to ensure quality. It works like this: translator A will translate an English text into Dutch. Translator B receives that Dutch translation and translates it back into English. Translator B obviously does not have access to the original English text. By comparing and analyzing the original text and the back translation, you can verify that the text is not unclear or ambiguous, and that the translation is an accurate representation of the original text. This method is mainly applied to very important content that absolutely cannot have any errors. Thus, in the medical industry, back translations are common and sometimes they are even a mandatory part of the translation process, for example, for certain clinical studies or patient information.

Medical translation agency Scriptware Translations

Do you need translations for your clinical study, package leaflet or medical technology? Or would you like more information about medical translations? Scriptware Translations is happy to help you share your medical products, research and insights with the rest of the world. Contact us or request an immediate quote. We are familiar with all kinds of medical texts and always work with professionals experienced in medical translation.

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