These are the best translation apps right now

These are the best translation apps right now


Despite all the circumstances, we can and do go on vacation abroad again. And so it's time for preparations and anticipation: making sure all your documents are in order, finding out which sights are worth visiting, packing your bags and learning some words in the language of your vacation destination on the plane. Do you travel with a language guide in your pocket or do you prefer to install a handy translation app on your phone?

Need a translation longer than 'una cerveza por favor'? We'd be happy to help!

At Scriptware Translations, we also use machine translation, but from "slightly" more complex programs than Google Translate, for example. Wondering what we can do for you? Contact us or request a no-obligation quote.

I'm going on a trip and I'll take with me...

As a tourist, it is always nice if you can say hello to locals or thank people in their own language. Ordering a drink on the terrace might work, too. But if you want to communicate more in a language you don't speak, a translation app can help. The range is quite large and so are the capabilities of the various apps. Translation apps are much more than a dictionary on your phone. From paid apps to free translation apps, apps that recognize speech and offline translation apps. We highlight some of the best translation apps for you.

Google Translate

Google is one of the leaders in machine translation, and you can see that in the company's free translation app. The app is easy to use and with 108 languages supported, it is one of the most comprehensive translation apps. Google Translate translates not only typed or copied text, but also handwritten input, photos or images and spoken text. You can set up which language combination you use the most and also download languages to translate offline.

Useful features during your vacation:
  • Offline translation app: good number of languages available offline
  • Camera translation: for example, for the menu at a restaurant
  • Language guide: compile your own language guide by saving translations


This app may be slightly less well-known than Google Translate, but it offers many of the same features. iTranslate supports more than 100 languages and even several dialects. The disadvantage is that you have to pay for many of the features (camera, voice and offline translation).

Useful features during your vacation:
  • Apple Watch app: translate even faster via your smartwatch
  • Website translation: open local websites of restaurants or attractions and translate them via a Safari extension
  • Language guide: a collection of commonly used phrases with a pronunciation feature

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft also has a free translation app. The app offers slightly fewer languages than its competitors, but with more than 70 languages, chances are the language of your vacation country is available. By downloading language packs, Microsoft Translator can also be used as an offline translation app. In addition to typed text, you can also translate text from photos or screenshots and spoken text. The app is also very clear and easy to use.

Useful features during your vacation:
  • Real-time oral translation: have a conversation in two languages with one device
  • Language guide: indispensable phrases with the ability to save favorites
  • Alternative translations and definitions: when your first attempt leads to questioning faces

Back to work with Scriptware Translations

We hope these tips will help. The translation apps are ideal for quick, short translations and should help you make yourself understood on vacation. For official documents, long texts, websites or other business projects it is still best to hire a professional translation agency. When your vacation is over, you can always email or call Scriptware Translations about a project. Then you can tell us right away about your experience with translation apps. Have a good trip!

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