These are 5 benefits of having your text professionally translated

These are 5 benefits of having your text professionally translated


Professional translation, what exactly is that? When are you a professional translator? Perhaps you have a text you want to transfer to another language. But you're not 100% sure you want to outsource the translation. Therefore, we have listed 5 advantages of having your texts professionally translated.

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1. Context is key

Translation is what is referred to as a 'free profession'. This means that there are no legal requirements and anyone can call themselves a translator. * As a result, you might think that if you have a bit of a linguistic knack, you can get straight to work. Just because you have a good command of a language does not mean that you are automatically a good translator. A 'real' translator not only has an excellent knowledge of source and target language, but also understands the context of a text, takes into account the target group and knows which language rules to apply in which situation.

* sworn translations do have legal provisions.

2. Industry knowledge

A translation agency usually works with a combination of in-house and freelance translators. These translators not only master a particular language to perfection, but also specialize in one or more subject areas and have been translating similar texts for years. There are translators who know everything about legal, technical, medical or marketing texts. So your text will always end up with the translator with the right background and knowledge to achieve a solid end product.

3. Guaranteed quality

So although translation is a free profession, an accredited translation agency ensures that certain quality guarantees are observed. If you want to have your text professionally translated, it is best to look for a translation agency with ISO certification. An ISO certificate is an international quality mark that proves that you meet certain quality standards. Scriptware Translations has ISO 17100 and 18587 certificates. Among other things, this means that we guarantee to revise every translation at least once before it is approved and sent to the client.

4. Professional translation with state-of-the-art technology

Suppose you have a webshop. You are going to replace your assortment and basically have to re-translate your entire website. By the time it's finished, you're one month on. Fortunately, it really doesn't have to take that long these days. In fact, professional translation agencies use so-called 'CAT tools'. CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation. These tools allow us to work a lot faster and more smoothly than if we were to do everything manually. So translating a lot of product features (e.g. colors, dimensions, washing instructions, etc.) in one go really doesn't have to take that long. Afterwards, of course, each translated text is proofread by a "human translator.

5. Speed and personal contact

If you have your text professionally translated, you can expect to receive it within a reasonable time. Of course, it depends a bit on how big your project is and how many languages you want it translated into. You can also easily keep control of your project by maintaining personal contact with the translation agency. For example, if a translator (or the client) has questions or comments about a text, they are dealt with quickly and effectively. In our experience, a text, including the original, often only improves as a result.

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