Scriptware Translations helps you find a new job during corona crisis

Scriptware Translations helps you find a new job during corona crisis


Applying for jobs in corona time

Due to the corona crisis, the number of unemployed in the Netherlands increased by 26% percent in the second quarter. Unfortunately, the number of job openings has also decreased significantly. A difficult time if you are looking for a new job. That's why we'd like to help you get your best shot at capturing a new position in these turbulent times.

Application during corona in English or Dutch

When applying for a job, you want to be sure that every dot on the i, every comma is right. If English is not your native language, a job application in English is a lot more exciting and difficult. It helps if your cover letter and CV already stand out - that makes the subsequent interview a lot easier.

Now 50% off the translation of your CV and cover letter

Language combination Dutch ⇄ English, action runs until 21-10-20.

Translating your CV and letter from English into Dutch is of course also possible. It has been proven that in order to make a good impression, spelling and language mistakes in your application are disastrous. Our translators will help you with a tight translation you can rely on.

Best cover letter writing during corona

A few more tips for writing your cover letter before getting it translated:

  • Show that you really understand the employer by addressing the three most important requirements of the job posting in your letter
  • Use short sentences so your letter reads nicely
  • Don't repeat your resume: explain in your letter why exactly you want to work in that place
  • List only experience relevant to the position
  • Always write a new letter for every new job application

We at Scriptware Translations wish you every success in your job search and future applications!

The promotion runs until 21-10-20.

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