Poorly translated content - why is it so damaging to your website?

Poorly translated content - why is it so damaging to your website?


If you want to reach customers who speak a different language than yours, it's time for translation. This can be to several specific languages, or of course you can offer only an English translation for all international clients. It may even be wise to start with a English translation, so you can first gauge where your international customers are especially likely to be found. Whatever your expansion strategy, make sure you have a good translation! Now it makes sense for us to say that, we are of course not entirely disinterested in this area, but we don't just say that. We explain below why this is really important!

Are your web texts rattling on all sides abroad? Don't panic!

If you have invested in a smooth text for your Dutch-language website, it is a bit of a waste if it does not come across well in another language. We are happy to help you get your message across as clearly as possible. Request a free quote now.

Translating your content, a job for a pro

The first reason to choose quality translation is that it creates a professional impression. You've put a lot of time into your website because it's your online business card and, for many customers, the first experience with your company. Therefore, you've probably put a lot of thought into your content. Maybe you've even invested money to get smooth, error-free text online to bring in customers. A website with language errors and odd sentence structure would detract from your brand and be bad for your reputation as a serious business owner.

Those same reasons apply equally well to your translations. Translating your content can lead to you being able to tap into whole new markets. But whether that becomes a success depends on the quality of the website translation. Poorly translated content leads to customers taking you less seriously, creates distrust and damages your reputation. If you think good texts are important for your Dutch website, surely you want the same for your translated content?

Get your content translated and benefit technically as well

There's a second reason to have your web content translated: it's good for the technical performance of your website. This works on several levels. For example, the people who translate your content can often immediately incorporate certain keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) so that your content is more easily found in search engines. Professional translators and translation agencies usually have experience with this and can help you make your website perform significantly better than it would with a bad translation. In addition, a good translation often better matches the language used by your customers, so that even without extra attention to SEO, your chances of being found are greater.

You also benefit in another way. By offering a multilingual website, there are more pages associated with your domain, which, with well-written text, better retain customers. And search engines also keep track of how often your website is updated and provided with new content. So all of these things contribute to your website's overall ranking, making you rank higher in search results and, in the end, you may be spending less on advertising expenses!

Well-translated content leads to more conversions

So the importance of good translation is not just something intangible. A good translation ensures better findability, but also ensures that the people who find your website become customers faster. And that, of course, is your end goal: you have your content translated to attract new customers. And while you may already be found more often with a poorly translated website, a well-translated website leads to considerably more conversions - and thus more profits. Thus, a good translation is not just a cost, but a real investment.

We hope that by now you are convinced of the importance of a quality translation, but of course we would love to hear from you if you still have questions! In that case, please feel free to contact; we would be happy to help you think about how we can best support you. If you are ready to have your content translated, you can of course also request a quote directly, and we will get to work for you as soon as possible.

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