Help! How do I get deeds translated quickly?

Help! How do I get deeds translated quickly?


Say you are planning to emigrate to the Czech Republic to start a b&b and suddenly see a beautiful property in Velké Losiny. Exactly what you want! Unfortunately, you're not the only applicant.... Of course, you knew beforehand that you would have a lot to take care of, but now things immediately pick up speed. The bank, the notary and the municipality want everything: an excerpt from the Personal Records database, numerous financial documents, your marriage certificate, the birth certificates of your two children, and so on. And in translated form, of course! So there is work to be done. Here are 5 tips to avoid sleepless nights in these and similar situations.

Need your deed translated? We 'take note' of it and can help you

Deeds must always be certified. They are legally valid documents that deal with important matters. Scriptware Translations works with sworn translators in more than 20 languages. Request a non-binding quote now.

1. Make sure you know what everyone wants

First, list what you actually need. Which documents must you submit and what are the requirements for the translation? With deeds (and other official documents) you can assume that a requirement is alwaysa certified translation. You can usually just go with a Dutch sworn translator for this; within the European Union this is rarely a problem. But check just to be sure. A Dutch certified translation that you want to use abroad usually has to be legalized. This means that the court puts a stamp or sticker on it to confirm the legal validity of the translation. You can arrange this yourself within a few minutes at the court desk or have the translation agency take care of it.

2. Contact a translation agency

You probably don't have much time for extensive research, but don't choose the first best translation agency and don't be tempted by rock-bottom prices. Deeds translation is a specialty in itself that requires attention and expertise. You can find reviews about almost all professional translation agencies in the Netherlands that translate deeds for individuals, such as Scriptware Translations. Go through them and make a choice. For urgent jobs like this, telephone contact is often the most convenient. Call one or more agencies, explain the situation and ask about turnaround times and costs.

3. Make complete, legible scans of all documents

In a certified translation, the translated text is "attached" (to use the official term) to the original text. In the past, that had to be the deed itself, or a certified copy of it, but nowadays many authorities are also satisfied with a "plain" copy. This has the advantage that your sometimes irreplaceable document cannot get lost in the postal sorting center and that you save time because the whole process can be done by e-mail. The important thing is to make sure the scans of your deeds are complete (nothing is left out) and legible. Poor scans can lead to crucial translation errors - think of misspelled names or incorrect numbers - and to suspicion on the part of those for whom the translations are intended.

4. Give the translation agency directions whenever possible

Huh, what an odd tip-off? They're the translation experts, right? True. But if, for example, your deeds need to be translated into a language that uses a different alphabet, such as Russian or Chinese, there are often multiple ways to write the names of places and people. If you have previously submitted documents or registered with local authorities, it is very important that your translated documents always use the same spelling. In some countries this is extremely important. You may also have specific requirements for the delivery of the translations (digital/hardcopy) and/or the number of copies.

5. Be accessible

Translating deeds with a tight deadline is no problem for a professional translation agency, but respond quickly to any questions. So make sure they have your cell phone number. And if the translated documents have to be delivered to you by registered mail or by courier, it is of course convenient if you are at home.

Translate deeds quickly and still sleep well?

At the very beginning we talked about sleepless nights. Hopefully you won't get any, but translating deeds quickly is something that requires a lot of energy. Scriptware Translations can't do anything about that, but what we can do is provide you with a correct translation on time and at a competitive price.Feel free to contact us .

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