Four tips to successfully have your text translated

Four tips to successfully have your text translated


Everyone needs a translation from time to time. Whether you have a company or travel yourself: all texts that have to be read across the border go through a literal (or cultural) translation. But how do you ensure that you request a good translation as easily as possible?

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1. Know what kind of text you have

First consider the type of text you want to have translated. If it is something for yourself that no one else needs to read, then a simple and free machine translation that you can make yourself online may be enough. There will be errors in this, but if you just want to know approximately what it says, this may be enough!

If you need a translation of a website, official document or marketing content, it is a good ieda to call in a professional. A translation agency usually has in-house translators with specific expertise, so they can help you with any type of text and any topic.

2. Determine your target audience

Consider in advance who will have to read the translated text. If it concerns a certificate, then you know that you need a very secure business translation that is additionally checked by a second translator. If you want a nicely flowing marketing text, then it is important to take into account in which country the text should resonate, otherwise your message will not come across or will come across wrong. For example, an American slogan is a lot more exuberant than a Dutch advertising text. When translating a technical text it is important to know whether the person reading the text has knowledge of the technology discussed or whether the target audience is unfamiliar with the terms discussed.

By considering the future reader of your text in advance, you can give the translator specific instructions, so that you can be sure that you will receive exactly the text you expect.

3. List your expectations

Make a list of your special wishes. Do you want to get the text back in a certain file format? Does the text need to be put back in a layout? Is specific professional knowledge required? When would you like to receive the translated text? Who is the intended reader of your text? Is there a character limit on how long the translation can be, for example because it is an advertisement? By making an overview of this in advance, your translator can get started quickly!

4. Plan larger projects on time

If you want to have a lot of text translated, it helps if you start planning ahead of time together with your translation agency. That way, the translators can prepare content as needed and you can make agreements with the project managers about style, revisions and deadlines. Especially if you need translations on a regular basis, a translation agency can also help you set up a workflow that fits exactly what you need, so you never have to wait long for the next translation.

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