Avoid these mistakes when translating quickly

Avoid these mistakes when translating quickly


Everything has to and does go faster these days. If you are curious about how a friend on the other side of the world is doing, you only have to send an app and you get an immediate answer (okay, maybe you have to wait until the sun has risen in that time zone). If you order a package, you often get it the next day or even the same day. It's no different in the translation industry: tight deadlines have pretty much become the norm. The inbox of an average translation agency is full of emails such as 'urgent German job', 'very urgent translation' and 'fast English-Dutch translation', whether or not in capital letters or with a number of exclamation marks!!! Do you need a translation quickly? Read on to avoid making a bad purchase or having your request end up at the bottom of an inbox.

Need a translation finished faster than you can say "rush job"?

At Scriptware Translations you will receive an honest time estimate for your project in advance. We always send your text to a translator with the right experience so that your translation is completed as quickly as possible. Request a quote now without obligation.

Quick translation: realistic expectations

An average translator can deliver about 2,000 to 2,500 words in a working day. This is important to keep in mind when purchasing a translation. Of course, there are situations where things can go faster. If the translator knows your content and industry inside out, if the text contains a lot of repetition, if the translator can use useful translation tools and memories of previously translated material... But be aware of unrealistic deadlines and promises. A professional translation agency will not accept your job if quality cannot be guaranteed because of a too tight deadline. If you do find someone who can deliver your 10,000-word document within 3 hours or so, you have to ask yourself what that means for quality. Just because you urgently need a translation doesn't mean the translator is allowed to rattle it off. Certainly not if you have to pay a 'rush' rate for it. And are you really waiting for a translation that contains all kinds of errors or that has perhaps even been copied directly from Google Translate?

Machine translation is pretty good these days, isn't it?

Sure! In recent years, the quality has improved greatly and the sentences produced sound increasingly natural. And you won't find a faster "translator" anywhere: you upload a text and get instant results. However, it doesn't mean you can create a marketing campaign in ten languages with just a few clicks, at least not a successful one. Machine translation does not produce well-running texts for every language and certainly not for every text type. Therefore, it is no substitute for a professional translator. However, it is an excellent tool that allows translators to work faster. They quickly pick out typical machine translation errors, adapt the text to your target audience and ensure that the correct technical terms are used. This allows them to quickly and expertly edit the machine translation into a high-quality text.

Speed and quality

With an urgent translation, it is especially important to have your goals and requirements clear. Sometimes there is some stretch in the deadline and sometimes a quick translation can really be decisive. A translation agency can discuss the job with you and find the best balance between quality and speed. With translation tools, a streamlined translation workflow and, for example, using multiple translators on the same project, the agency can deliver faster and still ensure quality. By the way, it is always useful to call if you urgently need a translation, possibly after you have already emailed the accompanying documents. Then you can be sure that work will be done immediately.

Scriptware Translations for your rush jobs

Pleas feel free to contact us if you need an urgent translation. We will gladly advise you about the possibilities and will translate your material well, but quickly: English, Greek, Arabic... Our translators are located in all kinds of continents and time zones, so the work never stops. We always find an efficient solution for your project.

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