Amazon has arrived on the Dutch market

Amazon has arrived on the Dutch market


The web giant from America is opening its digital doors on Dutch web stores such as and Coolblue are concerned, as the entry of a top seller on the market such as Amazon could change the balance sheet all at once. What will change and what will it take for Amazon to become successful in the Netherlands? How important is it to have a Dutch-language website now?

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Scriptware Translations had suspected for some time that Amazon's Dutch launch was coming: our translators translated large parts of the website and user interface into Dutch and are still contributing daily to the American online store's new move. The domain has been in use since 2014, but until now has only sold e-books for the Kindle, the globally successful e-reader designed by the online company itself. Now a full webshop is also unfolding here, as we are used to from and, featuring a large assortment, good service, fast delivery and low prices.

Amazon in Germany

In Germany, meanwhile, Amazon is one of the largest market share holders, with nearly 50%. Amazon came to Germany in 1998 and grew exponentially, so much so that today it is estimated that almost half of German households have an Amazon Prime subscription, which guarantees cheap and fast delivery. Prime customers in Germany even recently stopped paying shipping costs altogether, so the retail sector is also feeling the effects of Amazon's presence. Against Prime's customer benefits, it is almost impossible to compete as a physical retail chain. Amazon Prime also already exists in the Netherlands, focusing mainly on the possibilities for streaming video and music. is concerned

Given how important Amazon has become in Germany, but also in a short time in other European countries, it is exciting what effect their presence will have on the national market and Dutch companies such as and Coolblue. The company will initially have to strengthen its ties with the Dutch customer and know how to respond to what is in demand. Amazon does not currently have a Dutch distribution center, but has had one a short distance from the Dutch border in Germany since last summer. For now, all products will have to be imported from abroad, except those sold by local and third-party companies that will use the so-called Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon distribution center

Marketplace for external parties

In fact, third-party companies can also sell their products through Amazon's site, just as they do with An open call has already been placed for sellers interested in trading their products through the brand new website. For Amazon, this is a way to quickly expand their offerings and be able to offer specific products that are of local interest. It also allows them to test whether certain products are doing well so they can potentially develop a similar product themselves.

Translated website

Some Dutch people had been ordering from just across the border for years, so Amazon already had experience with a small group of Dutch customers and these Dutch customers with the Web giant. Still, this share proved insufficient for Amazon and the decision was made to enter the Dutch market further. A Dutch-language website aimed specifically at the Dutch audience appeared to be the next step. Now it remains to be seen to what extent people in the Netherlands remain loyal to, or are persuaded by's fast service and large selection.

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