3 tips if you want your commercial documents professionally translated

3 tips if you want your commercial documents professionally translated


While we obviously believe that you should not have ANY text translated by Google Translate, this is even more true for commercial documents. You do not want your foreign customer to be bothered by crooked sentences or, even worse, to read incorrect information. Certain texts are best translated professionally. Once you have approached a translation agency, you want the translated text delivered as quickly as possible. To make the translation process easier and faster, we have listed 3 tips for you.

Leave the translation of your commercial text to the professionals!

No idea how to translate your commercial documents quickly and without any hassle? At Scriptware Translations we can tell you exactly how to go about it. Feel free to contact us or get an online quote straight away.

1. Use a style guide of your own

Many larger companies have developed their own style guide over the years. Such a style guide ensures that a company's tone of voice is guarded. The tone of voice is basically the style in which your company communicates with customers. For example, do you choose to address customers in a formal or informal manner? Or do you want certain product names from the original language to be maintained in the target language? In a style guide, you can record these kinds of considerations. Using a consistent style will make your company or brand recognizable to the customer. Also, the translation will cost much less time (and therefore money).

2. Choose an easily customizable layout

This may not be the first factor you think of when translating a commercial text. Apart from the content of the text itself, of course you also want everything to look somewhat tasteful to foreign clients. This is especially true for websites, but the design is also important for business emails, reports, presentations and so on. A translated text will simply look different from the original. For example, Dutch sentences are generally a lot longer than English ones. Arabic and Hebrew are read from right to left and Japanese or Korean texts require more vertical than horizontal space. So the design of a text will often have to be adjusted as well. So it is best to opt for a simple layout that is easy to adjust and does not cause formation errors.

3. Check the law

When you want to have a text translated, it is wise to check what legislation actually applies to it. Many commercial texts must be translated by a sworn translator. Examples include contracts, driving licenses or other legal documents. This is not an unnecessary expense, but a legal requirement. Often such texts contain confidential information and a sworn translator is liable if this information leaks out without the client's permission. So check in advance whether or not the document you need a translation for needs to be translated by a sworn translator.

Professional translation: choose the right translator for your text

When you want your commercial document translated professionally, it is best to choose a translation agency that has some experience with the text type and/or field in question. At Scriptware Translations, we work with translators with diverse backgrounds and writing experience. Sworn translations are also done by our translators. Check out our page on professional translation for more information on text types and the language combinations we offer. We are happy to help you!

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