Why translating your website is so important

Why translating your website is so important


More and more companies, large and small, are choosing to have their websites translated into various languages. Why? The short answer is: to reach more people and thus generate more sales. You may be wondering if it is really necessary to offer your website in multiple languages. After all, everyone speaks English these days, so isn't an English version enough? Read on and find out why it pays to add more languages.

Save money by having your website translated? You can!

Avoid customer disappointment and returned products because your website has not been translated properly or is incomplete. Scriptware Translations will be happy to help you make your website a success abroad. Request a free quote now.

Customers prefer to buy in their own language

English is the most widely used language on the Internet, but it is a misconception that online shoppers are fine with making purchases on English-language websites. By no means all Internet users are confident enough in their knowledge of English. They prefer to shop online in their own language. When choosing between two similar products, 76% choose the product with information in their own language. Moreover, 40% say they would never buy anything on a website in another language. Even when online shoppers decide to put a product in their shopping cart based on the images, they are more likely not to complete the order. 87% drop out if the payment process is too complicated. If you have your website translated, you will reduce the friction in the sales process for your international customers.

Invest in your customers, then they will invest in you

In fact, it's not surprising that customers drop out quickly if the shopping process is too complicated: there is a lot of competition online. Why would they reach for a dictionary to decipher your website when there are ten similar providers offering content in their own language? A well-translated website shows potential customers that you take them seriously and makes your company seem more trustworthy. This way, you attract new customers and also increase the likelihood that they will return more often.

Get your website translated to save money

Having your website translated can also save you a lot of time and money. Say you sell 10 by 15-centimeters picture frames or women's shoes in sizes 36-44. To an American customer, who is used to inches and sizes from 4.5 to 10, that information is not clear, which can lead to disappointment and returned orders. With translated product descriptions and possibly also translated reviews from other customers, your website visitors know exactly what you are selling and what to expect, and you end up spending less time handling returns.

Translate your website smoothly and quickly

For proper translation of your website or webshop, feel free to contact Scriptware Translations. From creative landing pages that drive conversions to localized sizing and SEO research aimed at your specific target audiences, we are experienced in all aspects of website translation. We make sure your website leaves a good impression on shoppers. Curious about the languages we offer or what it costs to have your website translated? We would be happy to tell you more. Or request a no-obligation quote immediately!

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