Structured translation workflow for Sanadome spa resort

7 september, 2019
Frank ter Reehorst

Sanadome Hotel & Spa in Nijmegen combines a four-star hotel and a complete spa resort experience with thermal water from their own source. The unique location attracts visitors from the Netherlands and abroad and welcomes guests in Dutch, English and German.

In autumn 2018, the Sanadome website was redesigned completely and the search for the right translation partner for Sanadome began. Like the existing website, the new website was developed using Wordpress. In finding the right translation partner, Sanadome prioritised eliminating the need for constant copy/paste operations in Wordpress and setting up an efficient workflow. One option was to translate directly within the Wordpress environment. Although this is a possibility, it lacks the features of professional translation software that many translation agencies rely on. Instead, Scriptware Translations presented an efficient workflow for Wordpress website translations.

Translation software often allows content to be imported for translation directly. One of the file types that these programs can process is XLIFF. This is a bilingual format that specifies both the source and target languages and is compatible with most translation software. When working with multilingual content in Wordpress, the WPML plugin is a very popular tool to export such XLIFF files. After exporting an XLIFF file to a translation suite, it is possible to perform an analysis on the content to provide an overview of the number of translatable words and the amount of repeated and overlapping content.

This analysis gave Sanadome a better understanding of the content: the initial estimate of 40,000 translatable words was almost halved after the analysis. Furthermore, the analysis showed that over 10% of the content consisted of repeated sentences, which reduced the cost while also ensuring a high-quality (i.e. consistent) translation. In close consultation with IT Manager Martijn Oosterhof, the most recent XLIFF files were delivered for translation to both English and German. At Scriptware, we look for efficient workflows that work well for both the client and the translator. According to Kayleigh Philipsen, Sanadome’s online communications specialist, Scriptware were awarded the contract because we 'were the most enthusiastic and came up with a clear solution'.

The 20,000 words were translated within ten working days by experienced native translators. Upon completion, the translated XLIFF files were imported into Wordpress at the click of a button, directly placing the text in the correct locations. During a final editing process, any remaining issues were solved and the translated web pages were then sent live. For future updates, all previously translated sentences can be retrieved from the translation memory and only new text will need to be translated. To quote Martijn Oosterhof:

“'The Sanadome website has a new, professional look, and the translated versions of the website have been durably stored for future use. Scriptware did exactly what they promised to do.”

Start your translation at Scriptware Translations

Start your translation at Scriptware Translations

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